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Schotlandreis groep 8

Van 19-22 September zijn de leerlingen van groep 8 op reis geweest naar Schotland. We zijn onder andere op bezoek geweest bij onze partnerschool de Edinburgh Academy en de leerlingen hebben een geweldige dag gehad met hun penvrienden.

Hieronder volgt het reisverslag van een van de leerlingen over de hele reis en een kleine foto impressie.

Het was weer onvergetelijk!, Miss Debby

“I woke up at 4 pm and went to the bus. I said goodbye to my mom, went to the airport and went to Scotland. The pilot was Hylke’s father . He was very cool! When we landed we went with the train to our apartment. I was in the group with: miss Debby, Nadine, Zoe, Sebastiaan, Tijn and Thomas. It was the best group you could have.

We went to Edinburgh castle and made photo’s of special moments. When we were done we went to have lunch at a hotel. When we were done we walked to our apartment and had a nice evening.

The second day we went to see are penfriends at there school. My penfriends were: Alice & Rafe. They where very nice. We had lunch and we did some sports at their school. We had very much fun! We also worked in their e- books those are books they work in at their school. In the evening we went to Calton hill. That is a very nice place to be. We also went to watch a movie with our friends.

The third day we went to DYNAMIC EARTH. A museum where you can discover a lot about the planet. There was real ice in a very cold room to keep the ice cold. After that we walked Arthur’s seat. But one of our teachers is pregnant so she did not walk with us. It was a very high mountain. When we finally arrived at the bottom we went SHOPPING!!! I love shopping. I bought a lot of things including: fudge… That was sooo yummy.

The last day we went to the park and had a lot of fun. We had a picknick. We went back to the apartment and got our luggage. We took the train to the airport of Scotland and went back home. My family was waiting for me on the airport, I missed Scotland but I loved to be home. Bye!”

Xxx felice group 8 DNS

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